Each woman faces childbirth, uncertain of its outcome. The women in these communities have accepted that a high rate of maternal and infant mortality is to be expected. By recognising the silent suffering these women experience, we can share their fears and anxieties and begin to look at how to alleviate them.

Each project is a valuable and vital resource. Where communities have had access to training and funding, within three years they have been able to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates from 30% – 40% to nil.

The success of each project is achieved through the support of volunteer participation and the generosity of funders.

If you can contribute towards the improvement of the survival rate of women in child birth, please make a donation.


  • £10 buys an outfit for a newborn
  • £20 funds one student’s Maternal and Child Health Training
  • £30 provides a birth pack
  • £50 provides transport to hospital for emergency treatment
  • £100 provides life-saving aid for a new mother and baby
  • Every pound helps